Julie Brock of Landrum, SC


Breast cancer survivor since May, 2011. I nominate my sister, Julie Brock, to walk in the Kentucky Oaks Survivors Parade. She was diagnosed with Posttraumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) after caring for our seriously ill parents for 22 years. She lost her health care benefits when the company where she worked closed. Julie was financially, emotionally and spiritually depleted. THEN, she was diagnosed with breast cancer, requiring a mastectomy, followed by treatment. Julie and I grew up in a small town, Tryon, N.C., where horse farms, horse shows, and the steeplechase are revered. In the center of town stands Morris, a 22 hands high fiberglass horse who welcmes visitors and residents to town. Julie loves everything about the horses. And thanks to God’s grace, generous people and family, she survived by having a positive attitude and not giving up. I must also mention the Murphy family who have a farm in the area. They owned a horse, Song Parade, that became part of the recovery process for Julie. The Murphys allowed Julie to visit any time, which she did often, and for her visits, she received unconditional love from her horse friend. Because of her love for Song Parade and his personality, Julie was prompted to attend classes and received her groomer’s certificate. I respect her more than words can express and am thankful to see where she is today. Please VOTE - you will help to fulfill Julie’s dream of many years - attending the Kentucky Derby.