Angela (Angie) Castillo of Harrodsburg, KY

CANCER FREE SINCE: June 15, 2018

Angie isnt a stranger to cancer. In 2014, her Mother had terminal lung cancer which spread to her liver, thyroid and brain. She's doing well today and is a Cancer Miracle!

In January 2018, Angie was diagnosed with breast cancer. Fortunately, due to annual mamorgams it was caught early. Surgery and radiation followed and she is now cancer free.

Angie is a Crusader to Kick Cancer's Butt, and wears Pink high top tennis shoes to promote annual mamograms! She took them off of her own feet and gave them to my Sister, who lost her fight in June 2018.

I want Angie to win so that she and her "Cancer Miracle" Mother, can walk this walk together.

Both women have been through so much together and truly deserve something nice to honor their struggles and celebrate their victory!