Sherry Terrill of shelbyville, KY

Hello! My name is Sherry Terrill, I am 49 years old. I am originally from South Louisiana. I was able to go to the Oaks & the Derby... I remember the beautiful day, the horses, the hats, and the parade of lovely ladies in Pink... I admired every one of them....

November 3, 2018 I felt a mass.. Soon after, I was told I Have Breast Cancer on my right side with 5 Lymph Nodes involved. I soon had a double Mastectomy. I had 11 Lymph Nodes removed and 5 would be positive for Breast Cancer! I was ER/PR+ HER2- with a KI-67 of 92%... Stage 3B. This meant that my Breast Cancer was Metastatic, aggressive, and RARE!

I am blessed to have an amazing Husband (Jamie) and 2 Children (20yr old Justin and 18yr old Ashley) by my side.

I have learned to receive God’s Grace and Humility. I have learned that my true weaknesses are also my biggest Strengths. I have learned how to overcome my deepest fears. I have learned how to find the beauty in every trial I faced throughout this journey. My path was known before I was even born. I have found my purpose and my peace. My true gift.